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Ep. 136: The 2016 Holiday Grab Bag Episode – and more


Episode 136 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast.
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Featured: Photographer, author and educator, Neil van Niekerk

In This Episode

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Photographer, author and educator, Neil van Niekerk opens the show. Thanks Neil!

I’ve teamed up with thinkTANK and Mindshift Gear to give away a bag from each of them on my Instagram account (LensShark) to celebrate an incredible 2016 for this podcast!

The event that caused the Associated Press to ditch B&W and shoot color forever and set technological advancements in motion. (#)

“Tank Man”, the photo by storied photojournalist Jeff Widener which is on the short list of the most-memorable, most-influential photos of all-time. (#)

A filter seeks to cut out light pollution for your night photography, but rather than going in front of your lens, this one goes inside your mirror box and sits in front of your image sensor. (#)

A listener in Israel wants to know if there are any left-handed camera solutions or workarounds for a friend who recently lost his right hand. Michael Bass Designs has potential solutions. (#)


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