Ep. 200: Our 200th Episode! – and more

Episode 200 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast.
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Featured: Photographer and The Arcanum founder, Trey Ratcliff

In This Episode

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Show Opener:
Photographer Trey Ratcliff of The Arcanum and Stuck In Customs opens the show. Thanks Trey!

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Yongnuo releases a Lithium-ion powered flash…and the merits of 3rd party gear. (#)

Two new lenses for Nikon F mount with USB ports. (#)

Researchers develop “Computational Zoom” which is clearly destined to be a product. (#)

Miggo’s crowdsourcing campaign for it’s Agua line of storm-proof bags. (#)

A listener wants to know if he can use his Lee Super Stopper for the coming eclipse.

GoPro turns the corner perhaps by losing less than it has in recent memory. (#)

Outtakes and progression of my daughter’s outro over the years.

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