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The ‘band.it’ Gives Your Lenses Better Grip, Feel, and Protection



Simple, creative, and useful. There’s not much more we look for from our photography accessories, and the band.it checks all three boxes.

band.it is a soft, elastic ring that fits over your focus and aperture rings, giving you a better grip on your lenses and keeping them safe from that bumps and bruises that are inevitable when you’re carrying your gear with you everywhere.

Here’s a quick intro to the product from Kickstarter:

If you’ve ever used tape, rubber bands, or Livestrong bracelets on your lens, you’ll understand the purpose of the band.it. It immediately gives you better grip, lets you find the right ring much more easily without looking up from the viewfinder, and is bulky enough to absorb minor-to-moderate shocks you might deliver to your lens barrel.

Like we said: simple, creative, and useful.


The band.it is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, where the company behind it, RDM, has already raised more than $12K against a $10K goal.

Now, we feel inclined to remind readers that Kickstarter should never be treated as a pre-order platform. You never know what might happen to a successful Kickstarter… there may even be a clone in the works right now.

That said, if you like the band.it and want to support RDM and secure your own, it’ll only cost you $30 ($25 if you can snag one of the last 70 early bird deals). Click here to visit the Kickstarter campaign.