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The Artisto App is Prisma for Video, Turns Videos into van Goghs



Ever since the Prisma app swept people up in a frenzy of photo-to-painting simulation, people have been waiting for Prisma to release the video version. They’re working on it, but a Russian company has actually beat them to the punch.

The company, Mail.ru (My.com in the US), created Artisto to do exactly what Prisma does for photos, only with video. So whether you prefer Picasso or van Gogh, you can now turn a snippet of your latest timelapse or backyard video clip into flowing painting that looks like this:

The app is free, so there’s no harm in giving it a shot… well, except for maybe a headache. According to Engadget, the app crashes as often as it works, and there aren’t as many filters as you might want. But considering Artisto was allegedly built in all of 8 days, we’ll take what we can get and save ourselves the hours of processing work involved in doing this frame-by-frame.

Until Prisma finally does launch video—and all indications are that they’re taking their time so the feature works as smoothly as possible—Artisto will definitely do. Check it out for yourself on the iTunes Store for iOS and Google Play for Android.