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Prisma App Turns Standard Timelapse into Incredible Flowing Painting


It took Drew Geraci over at District 7 Media over 80 hours of post-production to create his latest China timelapse. That’s because he took all 2500 individual frames he had captured and turned them, one by one, into paintings using the Prisma app. The result is mesmerizing.

The final product looks like an incredible feat of animation, but really it’s just some beautiful timelapse footage of China transformed into art through an incredible feat of post-production endurance.

“By the end of the project (which took around 5 days to produce) my fingers were numb and eyes bloodshot,” writes Geraci. “The worst part was the constant repetition of taking the photo, processing the photo, moving 1 frame forward, and then saving the image. Sometimes I would forget to do a step and have to start over completely. It was mind-numbing work to say the least!”


“The easiest way for me to create the video was to physically take a picture of the video (on a 4k monitor) using an iPad and save each photo directly to the iPad,” explains Geraci. “Once all of the photos were taken, I used my PC workstation to directly pull the images off the iPad and onto a local hard-drive to continue the processing.”

That is a lot of work for one minute and twenty seconds worth of footage, but we love how it turned out. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the regular timelapse next to the Prisma edited version, as much an ad for the power of the algorithms behind Prisma as anything:

To see more from Drew and District 7, head over to the company’s website, give them a follow on Facebook, or check out Drew’s Vimeo page.

Image credits: Photo and screenshot by Andrew S. Geraci and used with permission.