Two of the Top Photography Educators in the World are Starting Fresh


Mia McCormick and RC Concepcion, two of the most beloved photo and video educators in the world, are starting fresh. After being laid off from Kelby Media Group in February, RC and Mia have become co-owners of Fotopromos, where they’ll bring their expertise to bear adding a top-notch educational element to the website.

If you’re familiar with the photo world, this should excite you for two reasons: (1) it’s great to know that two photo educators as talented as RC and Mia are getting back in the game, and (2) you’ll soon have a new, high-quality educational resource at your finger tips.

RC announced the news earlier today on his blog, alongside this quick video about “The New Fotopromos”:

Together with Kevin Agren, RC and Mia have decided to build the educational portion of Fotopromos around the three tenets quoted below:

  • The education we bring must solve problems and bring inspiration that you can immediately put to use.
  • We must work with our partners to produce third party content that educates and informs. Our job is to show how technology can be useful in what we do—and we do that through education.
  • We need to be focused on not wasting your time. Each tip, blog post, course or package needs to be educationally dense. Your time is valuable and we’re grateful you spend it here.

All of that seems great to us! To find out more, head over to RC’s blog to read the full update. And if you’re in the market for more great educational photography content, keep an eye on what the duo are doing over at FP.