SmallRig’s RC 220 LED Point-Source Light is Ridiculously Bright for its Size

Small Rig has taken the successful point-source LED design of the RC120 and amped it up to create a new light that is even brighter without sacrificing its lightweight and compact design. With a promised lux rating of nearly 100,000 and a power consumption of 260 watts, it’s hard to imagine a setup that the new RC 220 won’t be able to efficiently illuminate.

Known mostly for its variety of camera cages, SmallRig has steadily built a reputation for a wider range of robust and reliable camera accessories. With its first point source video light, the RC120, the company broke new ground with studio and location lighting and is taking the lessons learned to create an even brighter and more flexible LED light.

The RC 220 has an Ultra Bright Design

Weighing in at 1.65 kilograms (or about 3.6 pounds), there are two models for the 220-watt RC 220 LED light: the RC 220-D for daylight use, and the bi-color RC 220B that has adjustable color settings.

SmallRig RC 220B

The D model has an output of 5,600K with center luminance topping out at a super bright 98,700 Lux at one meter, while the bi-color RC 220B is rated for between 2,700K and 6,500K, with a center illuminance of 84,500 Lux at one meter (3.3 feet).

SmallRig RC 220B

Color accuracy is also high, and SmallRig claims a CRI rating of 96+ and a TLCI rating of 95+, giving the RC 220 Serie professional-level color reproduction and consistent color output. SmallRig says the RC 220’s ultra-quiet active cooling system only engages the fan when needed, and the design looks to be as quiet as it is efficient, only putting out less than 30dB of noise.

SmallRig RC 220 Color Accuracy

The SmallRig RC 220 can also be controlled using SmallRig’s the SmallGoGo App, which can adjust multiple lights for light output, special effects, and color temperature (RC 220B only) from up to 100 meters (328 feet) away. There are nine special effects settings including flash, paparazzi, lightning, party, TV, flame, fireworks, faulty or flickering bulb, and breath as well.

With a dual power supply, the RC 220 can operate in the field using wall power but can also be used with V-mount batteries. SmallRig did not disclose how long filmmakers and photographers can expect the light to operate at full power when connected to a battery, however. Where the RC 220 literally shines is with its standard Bowens mount, which enables the point-source LED light to create a host of different lighting effects with softboxes and light shaping accessories.

Pricing and Availability

The RC 220B Bi-Color Point-Source Video Light is available for preorder for $369, while the RC 220D Daylight Point-Source Video Light comes in slightly less at $329. SmallRig expects the lights to ship starting May 31, 2022.

Update 4/22: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated the output of the light was in lumens instead of lux. We apologize for the error.