Brides Magazine: Don’t Feed Your Photographers


Brides magazine recently published an article titled “Which Vendors Do You Have to Feed at Your Wedding?” In the piece, wedding planner Sandy Malone gives brides advice on which vendors they’re responsible for feeding at a wedding, and which you can leave out of your plans.

Her “general rule” is that wedding photographers don’t need to be fed, and photographers aren’t happy about it.

Malone says that brides should examine their contracts to see if feeding the vendor is explicitly required. If not, it’s up to “common sense,” she says. While wedding planners should be fed, Malone leaves photographers out.

“As for other vendors, my general rule is that, if you’re working just the wedding itself — five or six hours — feed yourself or pack a lunch to eat in the staff break area if you cannot survive the shift,” Malone writes. “A photographer, for example, should be taking pictures through the wedding dinner (with some breaks to let people unselfconsciously feed themselves without a camera in their faces).”

Malone does make an exception for photographers who travel from out of town (and especially destination weddings) who are “staying in accommodations that don’t have kitchens or room service.”

Even so, many wedding photographers aren’t happy with Malone and Brides magazine. Here’s a sampling of the responses on Twitter:

Interestingly enough, this article by Brides magazine came just weeks after Vogue magazine argued that you don’t need to hire a photographer at all for your wedding…

Update on 2/5/16: The article has apparently been deleted from the Brides website. Here’s an archived copy.

Image credits: Header illustration based on photo by djromanj