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Ep. 16: Canon Earnings Are Down. Will The Rumored Full-Frame Mirrorless Body Turn the Ship Around? – and more


Episode 16 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast.
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Featured: Renowned wedding photographer Jerry Ghionis

In This Episode

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Renowned wedding photographer Jerry Ghionis open the show. Thanks so much Jerry.

Canon announces disappointing earnings…and rumors talk about a full-frame mirrorless Canon body coming. (#)

I proclaimed Sony A-mount dead. Sony Alpha Project Manager Kenta Honjo says otherwise. I adjust my assessment. (#)

Photographers in Singapore inject air and styrofoam in fish to lure eagles and I reach out to Moose Peterson for comment. (#)

Sony is said to acquire Toshiba’s sensor manufacturing plant and further dominate. (#)

Instagram announces Boomerang. Will you find a way to use it for your business? (#)

Nikon Asia shows how incredibly fast XQD is over CF. (#)

A mother in the UK makes a big deal over a school photo company offering retouching services. (#)

The new Sony STARVIS sensor can see in ridiculously low light…but their promo video is odd. (#)

XCraft raises $1.5 Million for it’s next-gen drone business, but would you fly your phone in a drone?!!!! (#)

AIG now offers drone liability insurance…but do you have insurance for your terrestrial photography business? (#)

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