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AIG Has an Insurance Policy Specifically Designed for Camera Drones



If you’re an aerial photographer making a living with your camera drone, it might be a good idea to get it insured. Good news: AIG is now selling insurance that’s specifically designed with drone operators in mind.

The new Unmanned Aircraft insurance is being offered through AIG Aerospace. The insurance protects both your pricey camera drone and you from liability: it can cover everyone involved in operating the drone (including non-pilots), loss from malfunctions and failures, physical damage, third party liability, and “war, hi-jacking and terrorism.”

AIG says the policy is flexible and has terms and conditions that can be customized to individual needs. If drone insurance is something you may be interested in, check out the page on AIG to learn more and/or sign up.

Business Insider reports that AIG is a big believer in the future of the drone industry — the CTO himself owns a drone that’s controlled via iPhone — and it wants to make sure it’s an insurance industry leader as the drone industry continues to take off.

(via AIG via Engadget)