Nikon Test Shows the Blazing Speed of XQD Memory Cards Compared to CF

Nikon Asia just posted this performance test video showing how much faster XQD memory cards are than the CF cards they’re designed to replace (400MB/s versus 160MB/s). On a Nikon D4S DSLR, the XQD could record 67 uncompressed 16.2MP NEF RAW photos at 11 frames per second (or over 200 JPEGs in a single burst).

The faster speed also greatly cuts down the time it takes to transfer your shots to your computer. In the test, it took Nikon 1 minute and 55 seconds to transfer 1000 photos from a CF card to a computer. Those same 1000 photos were transferred in just 35 seconds using an XQD card — a 3x improvement.

(via Nikon Asia via ISO 1200)