Adobe Unveils Its Photoshop Fix Mobile Editing App


After pulling the plug on its Photoshop Touch app back in May, Adobe is now back in the mobile photo editing game. Today the company officially launched Photoshop Fix, the app that was teased months ago and code-named “Project Rigel.”

The new app offers a revamped retouching and restoration-focused image editing on mobile devices, both smartphones and tablets. It includes a number of powerful features from the desktop Photoshop app, including Healing Brush for removing imperfections and Liquify for reshaping areas of photos.


There’s also a Smooth feature for smoothing or sharpening areas of shots, and powerful face detection that can recognize when specific areas of a face are selected, giving you more control over detailed edits.

Editing with Photoshop Fix is non-destructive, so changes you make to files can be easily reverted and do not permanently overwrite the original images.


As Adobe teased back in May, Photoshop Fix is fully compatible with giant photo files created with high-end DSLRs. The app boasts groundbreaking performance when it comes to handling such files on a mobile device.

Finally, Photoshop Fix is connected to Photoshop and Lightroom through CreativeSync, which lets you edit your Lightroom shots in the mobile app and then easily send it back to your catalog within the app. You can also open your Fix edits in Photoshop to find a layered PSD file with all the adjustments and masks from your Fix edits.

Here’s a short intro/teaser/promo to the app:

If you’d like a longer hands-on look, here’s a 20-minute video by Adobe’s Terry White:

You can now download Photoshop Fix for free for the iPhone and iPad from the iTunes App Store. An Android version of the app is “coming soon.”