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Ep. 9: Why Do Celebrities Not Care About Stealing Your Photos? – and more


Episode 9 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast.
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Featured: Photographer Sue Bryce

In this episode:

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Photographer Sue Bryce opens the show.

Rapper T.I. upsets a photographer when his team uses her photo to promote his birthday party extravaganza without permission then proceeded to mock her. (#)

Photographer Porter Yates travels the world to document peoples of the world and wins EyeEM’s “Photographer of the Year”. (#)

A Texas school district now requires students to sign a “Work for hire” contract and surrender their copyright. (#)

Don’t even think about photographing someone with freckles using infrared. (#)

A Swiss TV station ditches its fancy gear and shoots the news with iPhones. Is this the future of news gathering? (#)

Voigtlander rangefinders shall be no more. (#)

An update in the fight against Wyoming’s ridiculous “Data Trespass Laws”. (#)

If you use Behance and care about your copyright, you need to know about this. (#)

PetaPixel’s Michael Archambault has 10 things to check on before flying your drone for the first time. (#)

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