Relook: High-End Portrait Retouching Tools for iOS


The Finnish app development studio Sumoing has just launched Relook, a new photo-editing app for iOS that it calls the first professional-level facial retouching app.

Unlike other image editing apps out there, Relook is designed specifically for touching up faces, bringing many of the powerful tools used by pros on desktop software into the world of mobile.

The app uses what the company calls “Bright-3” technology, a skin layering and frequency separation technique that lets you improve the appearance of skin while maintaining a natural look.

Tools offered in the app include Soft clone, Reshape, Tones, Looks (a set of presets), Spot heal, Teeth, Clarity, Clone, Redness, Lighten/Darken, and more.


Here’s a short video showing the app in action:

Relook can export your files as .psd with layer data intact, allowing you to move your work into Photoshop or Lightroom if you’d like to do further editing on your desktop.


Here’s a before-and-after comparison of a portrait retouched using Relook:


You can purchase Relook for $4 over in the Apple App Store.