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Facetune Brings Nifty Portrait Retouching Features to the iPhone


factune app 1

Let’s face it: sometimes when you take a picture of someone, they look downright unflattering. Maybe it’s that monster pimple on their cheek. Or perhaps the cat got angry again and left some scratches to the forehead.

Lightricks Ltd. — based out of Israel — released the application earlier this year called Facetune, and it promises to help with retouching images taken on your mobile phone while you’re on-the-go.

The application allows users to take care of common needs, such as teeth whitening, taking care of skin blemishes, and even changing hair color. If you’re really looking to get controversial, the application also allows for the remodeling of facial features and structure.

Other features include background de-focusing (for some nice bokeh) and stray hair removal, if that’s what you need.

factune app 2

“One of the key elements of Facetune is the SafeBrush™ technology, which uses computer vision and machine learning tools to comprehend the precise area that the user wants to be retouched,” says Lightricks, touting that this is the feature that differentiates Facetune from similar apps out there.

factune app 3

As one would come to expect from a photo application, a number of filters are available to further ‘improve’ your picture along with the usual sharing features.

Perhaps even better, Lightricks has even posted a number of tutorial videos on their YouTube channel to get new users started.

You can check the app out on the iTunes App Store, available for $3.

(via Mashable)