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Polaroid Announces a New Mobile Printer and a New Line of… Dashcams

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Polaroid has new ownership and fresh determination to make its well known brand great again. This week the company launched a couple of new products in two similar yet different markets: mobile printing and… dashcams.

The Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer

The new Zip printer uses Zink instant photo paper to spit out 2×3-inch color photographs beamed to it from iOS or Android devices via Bluetooth or NFC.

The printer is roughly the size of a smartphone itself, measuring 2.91×4.72-inches and less than an inch thick, allowing it to be carried around everywhere as part of an “instant photo” kit when paired with your phone.

It has a minimalist design: the only physical control you’ll find on it is a power button that’s blended into the design:


You’ll be able to purchase a Polaroid Zip starting in Spring 2015 for $130.

Polaroid Dash Cams


Polaroid also wants to get involved in the dashcam business. The cameras are designed to ensure safety on the road and serve as a witness in the case of an accident. They capture full 1080p video and have sensors that detect when collisions occur. There are also GPS sensors that capture your speed and location for post-accident analysis.


Price tags on the line range from $60 to $200. The cameras will hit store shelves sometime in Spring 2015.

1 Comment