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Flex is a Versatile Light Mat That Can Be Bent Into All Kinds of Shapes



The Flex is a new light solution that comes in the form of a bendable white mat covered with LED lights. It’s designed to be a flexible (literally) light source for photographers and videographers that can illuminate spaces that traditional lights may be too clunky for.



The mat measures 10 inches on each side, weighs 5 ounces, and is water resistant. The small form factor allows the mat to be placed (or taped) into tight places, such as the inside of a car, boat, or plane. Inside the Flex is a pliable wire frame that allows the mat to hold whatever shape you bend it into.


The 166 lights covering the surface are dimmable, allowing photographers to adjust the output from 5% to 100% using an attached dimmer.

There are two versions of the Flex available: one for daylight and one for tungsten. The daylight model offers 1,900 lux output at 1 meter and 95 CRI, while the tungsten one offers 1,600 lux at 1 meter and 98 CRI.

The Flex is available now from camera gear stores such as B&H. The daylight and tungsten units each cost $500. You can also soften the light with a $30 diffuser attachment.

Flex [Westcott via Fstoppers]