Sirui Claims its ‘Dragon Series’ Panel is the World’s First Bendable RGB LED

The Sirui Dragon Series B25R bendable RGB LED light first announced a few months ago is now officially available to order. The $199 500 Lux LED light can be bent inwards or outwards to provide a wrap-around light, giving creatives the flexibility (pun intended) to properly and easily light their subjects in practically any space.

According to the company, this “world’s first” bendable LED is designed with a quick-release system that allows users to combine multiple lights together (length-wise as well as width) to create longer/thicker, and brighter light sources as projects and situations call for them.

The B25R lights offer users a color temperature range of 2700K to 8500K, as well as a hue of zero to 360 degrees full RGB color (Saturation 0-100) at TCLI 98/CRI 97 at a power of 500 Lux at 3.3 feet. Sirui claims that a single light can reach 2,000 Lux when used at 1.5 feet, but obviously the falloff is swift. While not exactly powerful, these lights can squeeze into tighter and more awkward spaces than a standard light making them potentially ideal for accenting and final touches for portrait and product work.

Each side of the B25R RGB LED lights includes a 1/4-inch thread plus the aforementioned quick-release system to mount to additional lights or light stands, as well as a 1/4-inch thread in the middle of the back of the panel if that is a preferred mounting spot instead.

Like many other current RGB LED lights, the Sirui B25R also includes 16 preset SFX lighting effects which can be set and changed using the console controls on the back of the device, or with the available mobile app (connected via Bluetooth). The FX includes a pulse mode, lightning, fire, RGB Cycle, candlelight, TV mode, SOS signal, broken light bulbs, welding, camera flash, ambulance/firetruck/police car lights, and even a “disco-ball” mode.

The lights can be run using an AC Adapter for constant power, but also has the ability to with NP-F970 batteries for more portable and remote utilization when shooting on location.

The Sirui Dragon Series B25R 25W Bendable RGB LED Light Panels are currently on sale when purchased through the Sirui site and are otherwise available for $399 ($359 on the sale) for a two-light bundle, or $199 ($179 on the sale) individually.