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Music Video Uses Various Scientific Tricks to Capture Sound on Camera


Cymatics is the study of visible sound. It is also the title of a recently viral video that takes that study and turns it into a captivating music video featuring everything from ferrofluid, to a Chladni plate, to Tesla coils, and shows you what sound actually ‘looks’ like.

The video was created by musician Nigel Stanford for his album Solar Echoes, but the full music video above isn’t where the story ends.

There is also a series of BTS videos that covers each of the contraptions used in turn:

1. Chladni Plate

2. Speaker Dish

3. Hose Pipe

4. Ferrofluid

5. Ruben’s Tube

6. Tesla Coil

To learn more about each of these, or the folks behind the music video at the top, head over to Nigel Stanford’s website by clicking here. You can actually download the final video in 4K resolution from his website, in case you want the Ultra HD experience.