Slow Motion Music Video Shot Using One Continuous 18 Second Shot

When tasked with making the music video for the song HAVOC by While You Slept, Frokost films decided to get a little creative. In addition to shooting the whole thing in slow motion, they managed to shoot the entire music video using just one 18-second continuous shot.

For gear they had a Red Epic and a 75mm master prime lens, as well as a few trampolines, mats, lights, fire, and fog machines. They put it all together in a warehouse courtesy of Aspelin Ramm and took one 18-second shot at 300fps, which translates into approximately three and a half minutes at slow motion.

Here’s how it turned out:

The BTS at the top is a little less than half the length of the full-length version they link to in the description, but this one has English subtitles. If you happen to speak Norwegian, however, feel free to check out the longer BTS here.