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BTS: Music Video Shot Using a Drone with 8 GoPros Attached for ‘Little Planet’ Effect


We’ve seen how impressive footage shot with a drone and just one GoPro can be, but that’s child’s play compared to the band Booka Shade’s most recent music video shoot. Employing the services of the drone cinematographers at Octofilms, they slapped 8 GoPros onto a drone to capture some psychedelic ‘Little Planet’ style imagery.

The four minute music video that resulted from what looks to have been a whole lot of work is different from just about any other drone footage we’ve yet seen. A trip of a music video that switches between normal style footage and dizzying 360-degree panorama-style shots, it drives home the point that, when it comes to drone photography, much of the landscape is still unexplored.

Check out the final music video below, and then watch the BTS video at the top to see how it all came together.

(via Gizmodo)