Through the Viewfinder Video Shows Off the Canon 7D Mark II’s Lightning-Quick AutoFocus

The Canon 7D Mark II is an enigma. One day we’re hearing about how its weather sealing is second to none, the next about how the sensor’s performance at base and low ISO is on par with Nikon… 5 years ago, and now we swing back to the other side of the spectrum with this impressive demonstration of the camera’s lightning quick AF system.

The video was dug up by the folks at CanonWatch, and they’re not far off the mark when they call it “game-changing.”

The only camera we’ve had our hands on that seems to compete on the same level as this is the Samsung NX1, but we were working with a pre-production model on the showroom floor of a photography expo… we’d love to see these AF systems battle it out side-by-side in a sports environment.


The music and dancing aren’t… the best… so you may want to mute the video when you do watch it. Otherwise, enjoy the continuous AF and best-in-class 10fps burst shooting… it’s impressive to say the least.