How to Create Glitched Portraits with Your Phone’s Panorama Mode

Almost every smartphone camera comes with a dedicated panorama mode nowadays. Normally, this mode is used to capture large areas in a single image. However, its true abilities are only limited by your imagination.

As YouTubers Sam and Niko show us in the above video, the feature can be used to create glitched panorama portraits that humorously warp and contort subjects.


The basic principle behind creating these images is to move the subject with, or against, the camera while capturing a panorama.

By doing this, the camera captures little ‘slices’ of the subject at a time, allowing you to exaggerate body features. As Sam and Niko show, the results are funny, with the process of making them often being just as entertaining.

Next time you have some free time with some friends, whip out your cameras and give these glitched panoramas a shot.

(via Photography and Video Blog)