How to Unlock the Hidden Panorama Mode in iOS 5 Without Jailbreaking

A couple days ago it was discovered that iPhones, iPods, and iPads running iOS 5 have a secret panorama mode that’s hidden in the operating system. The feature can be enabled, but featured either a jailbroken device or knowledge in how to edit a particular iOS 5 preference file. Luckily for non-hackers, Redmond Pie has discovered an easy way to do this by taking advantage of iTune’s backup feature. This tutorial will teach you how to get the panorama feature unlocked in 5-10 minutes.

The basic idea of this trick is to backup your device’s data to your computer, edit a single line in the backup files, and then restore the backup to your device.

Step 1: Backup Your Device in iTunes

You’ll need to back up your iPhone, iPod, or iPad to your computer using iTunes.

Step 2: Download iBackupBot

iBackupBot is a program for Windows and Mac that allows you to view and edit your iTunes backup data. The trial version should work fine.

Step 3: Open Up iBackupBot and Select Your Backup

Open up iBackupBot, and select your latest backup in the left pane.

Step 4: Locate the File

Locate the file named “”. Sort by path to make this easier.

Step 5: Double Click the File to Edit

Double clicking the file will open up an editing screen for the file.

Step 6: Add an Entry to the File

Find the entry that says


and right below it, add this entry:


Click the disk icon to save the file, and exit out of iBackupBot

Step 7: Restore Your Backup

Restore the edited backup data to your device. In iTunes, right click your device, and choose “Restore From Backup”.

Step 8: Take Panoramic Photographs!

You’re done! Open up your camera app, press “Options”, and you should now see a button that says “Panorama”. Press that to enter Panorama mode:

Press the Camera button to begin capturing, and sweep your camera from left to right to fill in the panoramic photo:

Here’s the first panorama I shot (download the full res here). Obviously I need to work on my technique a little):

For whatever reason, Apple chose not to include this Panorama mode by default in the latest version of iOS 5. However, it appears to be a fully developed mode that is definitely fun to play around with.