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This Creative Ad Imagines what a Multi-Decade Time-Lapse of a Living Room Would Look Like


Have you ever wondered what a multi-decade time-lapse of your living room would look like? Well, we don’t exactly have one to share with you, but what we do have is this clever advertisement from Dutch company Philips that tries to imagine what that might be like.

In the video, Philips uses stop-motion to show how the living room has evolved, decade to decade, since the invention of the light bulb.





The point they’re trying to make is that the living room has evolved, but the light bulb has not, and so this is actually a commercial for Philips’ Internet-connected lightbulb Hue. But it takes a unique approach that creates a psuedo-time-lapse we could only dream of having the patience and means to capture.

At 84 seconds long, the video is a quick and entertaining watch. It’s nothing revolutionary, exactly, but it gives us a look at what a time-lapse through the decades could look like.

(via Laughing Squid)