Make a $10 DIY Disco Light Modifier for Round-Head Flashes

Controlling and modifying light is a lot of what photographing with studio lights and battery-powered strobes is about. Especially when it comes to portraits, I like to work with my lighting setups so they add something that is not perfect or flat.

This Insane 20,000 Watt Lightbulb Can Turn Night Into Blindness

We've shared a few very bright lights in the past that can turn night into day—even a crazy 1000W DIY version you can build yourself—but this 20,000W incandescent lightbulb makes all of those look like the pen light on your keychain. At full power, it can turn night into blinding white.

The World Shot Through a Light Bulb

Flickr user Henrique Feliciano Silva made this neat photograph by hollowing out a light bulb, filling it with water, hanging it upside down on his balcony, and shooting his neighborhood through it with a shallow depth of field.