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Red Giant Software Unveils Offload: A Dead-Simple Application for Transferring and Backing Up Footage



Red Giant Software has unveiled their latest piece of programming built for videographers of all kinds. It’s called Offload, and it offers a dead simple way to securely and simultaneously transfer and backup your footage from your camera to your computer.

This standalone application might be redundant for those who use Lightroom or similar programs to offload content onto a computer, but it’s simple interface is the key here: there’s only one screen, minimal options and no catalog file to worry about. If Jony Ive was writing this he’d say it ‘just works.’


Offload works cleverly by first transferring the original footage to your initial destination. Once your first transfer is finished, you can remove your card and get back to your shoot as the program finishes up the backup copy from the original footage. To ensure all footage is identical, it uses checksum-verified technology to keep an eye of each bit of data throughout the transfer.

The interface presents itself in about as straightforward a manner as possible, using colorful cues and clean typography to let you know when each segment of the transfer is complete. Once complete, a double-click of the video’s thumbnail will take you directly to the media file.

Offload doesn’t seem to be the type of program that will replace your current workflow. Instead, it’s meant to work alongside it, simply providing a better way to securely get the images off your camera and onto your computer and supplementary backups.

The program is available starting today for $50. You can also purchase it as part of Red Giant’s $400 Shooter Suite, which also includes Red Giant’s Pluraleyes, Bulletproof, Denoiser, Instant 4K, Frames and LUT Buddy programs.

(via Prolost)