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BTS: Photog Shows Off Modified Polaroid Capable of Shooting 4×5 Instant Film


Photographer Alastair Bird recently came across a modified Polaroid camera that is capable of shooting 4×5 instant film. So, naturally, he put it to work!

Mostly discontinued, but still acquirable thanks to FujiFilm, 4×5 Instant film is a rare breed to come by. But Bird got his hands on a nice stockpile and created the above video, which shows him using the modified Polaroid in a studio setting.


As with most experimental photography, Bird’s endeavors didn’t come without some failures. As he explained to The Phoblographer:

Using the camera was quite a challenge — if you notice at one point I’m shooting and the dark slide is in — whoops. Those shots didn’t turn out too well. But what I find is that when I really challenge myself with my equipment, it’s always amazing what I get and it is worth the effort.

The video comes in at five and a half minutes, so give it a watch. Whether it’s information or inspiration you come away with, it won’t at all be time wasted. And if you’re still curious when you’re done, head over to The Phoblographer to read the rest of their interview with Bird.

(via The Phoblographer)