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BTS: See How Andy Warhol’s Amiga Photo Illustrations Were Recovered


Late last month, we shared with you a story about a team of computer scientists, archivists, artists and curators who recovered photo-manipulation work by famed artist Andy Warhol that had been trapped on 41 ‘lost’ floppy disks from the introduction of the Amiga computer system.

Today, we dive further behind the scenes with a fascinating followup video, provided by the Hillman Photography Initiative of the Carnegie Museum of Art, that takes a look at the incredible amount of work and dedication that went into actually recovering these files.


Aptly titled “Part 2 — Trapped: Andy Warhol’s Amiga Experiments,” the video interviews members of the team who give detailed accounts of not only the history behind the photo-manipulations, but the process by which they went about recovering filetypes that are as obsolete as the computer they were made on.

The entire video comes in at just shy of 19 minutes, but it’s definitely worth the time you’ll spend watching it. If you haven’t seen part one of the series, be sure to check it out on our previous post; then sit back, press play, and watch art and photographic history be recovered by some of the best in the world.