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Tutorial: Quickly Remove Bags Under Eyes Using Curves in Photoshop


There are a few different ways to address bags under the eyes when you’re editing a portrait in Photoshop, but the video above shows one that is both simple and extremely effective.

The tutorial was created by Dani Diamond, who explains why other methods that use Dodge & Burn, the Clone Stamp tool or the Patch tool just won’t give you results that are on par with his way. Instead of using any of those tools, he simply adjusts the tones under the eyes using a new curves layer.


It won’t replace the texture like the patch or clone tool and it doesn’t simply lighten the wrong tone like dodging the area would, instead it actually replaces the darker tones under the eyes with a lighter tone of your choosing. Simple and extremely effective… we couldn’t ask for much more.

To see more from Diamond — be it more tutorials or if you’d like to browse through some of his work — head over to his YouTube channel or Facebook page by following the corresponding links.

(via Reddit)