How to Easily Use RGB Curves to Tone Your Photos

RGB Curves can be an intimidating photo editing tool that’s difficult to wrap your mind around, but they’re powerful and worth learning. Photographer Conner Turmon made this helpful 8.5-minute video that explains how tone curves work and how you can use them to create professional-looking photos.

The tool is available in both Photoshop and Lightroom (and most serious photo editing apps), so this tutorial is relevant regardless of which program you’re using.

“Mastering RGB Curves is extremely simple despite its daunting look,” Turmon says. “Professional photographers use RGB Curves to color correct their images quickly and easily.”

In the tutorial, Turmon shares how you can create a color you want by adjusting one or more of the red, green, or blue curves. He also discusses using “selective vision” to focus your eyes on only the shadows, midtones, or highlights of a photo as you’re editing those areas.

“Do not look at the image as a whole, because you’re going to confuse yourself,’ Turmon says. “Look at what you are affecting.”

If you found this tutorial helpful, you can find more of Turmon’s videos by subscribing to his YouTube channel.