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Canon Admits that It Has ‘Kept Its Distance’ from the Retro Design Movement



Don’t expect Canon to come out with any retro-styled cameras. According to a brochure on the design process that went into the recently released Canon G1 X Mark II, the company prefers function to form, which is why it has ‘kept its distance’ from the retro design movement.

The entire brochure, which you can download for yourself here, is well worth the time to read and packed full of interesting facts. For instance, the brochure claims that never before has Canon created so many prototypes in order to get the design right. And improved specs Canon is particularly proud of include a minimum focusing distance of only 5cm (down from 20cm on the Mark I) and focusing speed that is twice as fast as its predecessor.


But while all of this is interesting info, it has been dwarfed in the headlines by one short paragraph that was included in the page on the camera’s design:

Currently there is a trend towards designing premium compact cameras like classic cameras. However, Canon has kept its distance from this trend. As a result, the design is not pretentious, and it also does not look like a so-called compact camera, and achieves a great balance between traditional and new.

No Canon Df on the way folks, sorry. The company is clear that its aim is to make the cameras as ergonomic and functional as possible, often focusing on incredibly minute details to achieve this goal, and the cameras of old that many of today’s shooters are modeled after don’t satisfy those aims.

Of course, this is one paragraph in one brochure on a fixed lens compact (albeit a powerful, professional grade one). It’s possible Canon will go back on its word someday, but for now, you’ll want to look elsewhere for retro styling.

You can download the full brochure for yourself by clicking here.

(via The-Digital-Picture)