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Eye Mirror Lens Add-On Adds a 360-Degree View to the Camera You Already Have



Throwable camera balls and their ilk might be all shiny and cool, but what if you want to grab high-quality 360-degree images with the camera you already have in your bag?

Enter Eye Mirror, a startup launched by U.K. inventors Dan Burton and Thomas Seidl, whose namesake product attaches to just about any camera and allows it to shoot 360-degree panoramas and videos.

The gadget — which you can see in action in the demo video embedded below — attaches to the front of the camera lens and reflects a 360-degree sphere back to the image sensor.

Adapters will fit the Eye Mirror to just about any DSLR, P&S or video cam. There’s also a special version for GoPro cameras that includes a housing for the petite actioncam, which seems to be the main market envisioned for the Eye Mirror. The company has even developed a firmware hack for GoPros that boosts video output to 3,040×3,040 resolution and 22fps.

Additionally, those who want to go 3D can use the device with Oculus Rift; while underwater photographers have an underwater rig option.



Eye Mirror

Eye Mirror is already way past its Kickstarter fundraising goal with 18 days still remaining, and expects to start shipping product in March 2014. GoPro packages will sell for around $300 and up, while the DSLR version will go for around $380, but you can get them at a bit of a discount if you order through the crowdfunding campaign.

For more info or if you want to order one for yourself, head over to the Kickstarter campaign page by clicking here.

(via Digital Trends)