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Google Street View Can Now Take You On Tours of Historical Sites in the Antarctic

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Google Street View is interesting from a photographical perspective because it is, essentially, the largest compilation of 360-degree images in existence. Photographer Michael Wolf even used it to get a different perspective on over-photographed Paris. The best photos on Street View, however, weren’t actually taken in the street. They come from endeavors like Google’s World Wonders project, which takes you on 360-degree tours of famous and often inaccessible locations.

The newest of these locations is perhaps the most inaccessible yet. Now Street View can take you on a tour of several historical sites in the Antarctic. By clicking here you can glide through 360-degree street-view-style images and tour several famous sites once inhabited by great Antarctic explorers.

Google’s end game with the World Wonders project is to put together “the most accurate, high-resolution data of these important historic locations.” And when those locations happen to spend most of the year at a balmy −70°F average, for once we’re happy we’re the ones enjoying rather than taking the pictures.

(via The Verge)

1 Comment