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Photoshop Exercise: Turn a Golf Ball into a Ping Pong Ball Using Only Dodging and Burning


Here’s a strange (and time-consuming) way you can test your Photoshop prowess if you ever have some time to kill: turn a dimpled golf ball into a smooth ping pong ball using only the dodge and burn tools.
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Giveaway: Win Ten Photography-Inspired T-Shirts from Dodge & Burn!

Update: This giveaway is now over. The winner has been announced at the end of this post.


It’s time for another giveaway to show you how much we appreciate that you guys (and gals) continue to come back to PetaPixel day after day. This time around, you’ll have a chance to win 10 photography-themed T-shirts by Dodge & Burn worth approximately $300 retail.
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Quick Tutorial Shows How to Dodge and Burn Using Curves in Photoshop

In addition to taking beautiful fashion photos, Serbian born photographer Elena Jasic also occasionally uploads a tutorial or two to her YouTube channel. One that has gotten some attention lately is this simple video that offers one way to dodge and burn non-destructively in Photoshop. Read more…

A Look at Dodge & Burn’s New Camera History Serigraphs


Photographer t-shirt company Dodge & Burn is taking its silk screening prowess and applying it to a new product: posters. In addition to apparel, it is now selling serigraphs (i.e. screen printed posters) with its “evolution of the twin-lens reflex camera” design, which is also available as a shirt.
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Win $500 Worth of Photography-Inspired T-Shirts from Dodge & Burn

Want to proudly proclaim your love of photography with the clothes you wear? This week we’re giving away a massive $500 gift certificate to Dodge & Burn, a T-shirt brand for photographers that prints stylish camera designs on high-quality shirts. The shirts normally retail for $29 each, so this prize is worth 17 shirts — enough to wear a different camera shirt every day for two-and-a-half weeks!
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Dodge & Burn: A Clothing Line for Photography Enthusiasts

If you’ve ever felt like there’s a camera shaped gap in the clothing market that needed filling, then the new clothing company Dodge & Burn may be exactly what you were looking for. Created “out of a passion for analogue photography and classic cameras” and established last year, the Dodge and Burn brand pays hommage to some of the classic cameras of old, allowing you to keep a little bit of the past with you as you dive further into the digital age of photography.

So if you’re interested in broadcasting your love for the 1970’s Nikons or a 1950’s Rangefinder, you can find their shirts on their online store for $29 each.

Dodge & Burn – Photography Inspired T-Shirts [Dodge & Burn]