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Two Ways to Dodge and Burn More Effectively in Photoshop


While Photoshop does have the “Dodge” and “Burn” tools, using them destructively on your original image is definitely not the best way to edit your photos. Check out this tutorial to discover two dodge and burn techniques that are more effective, cleaner, and smarter.

The tutorial was created by photographer and Photoshop master Jimmy McIntyre, who spends a lot of time offering useful Photoshop tips for novice and even advanced photographers. This time he’s taking on dodge and burn, showing you two ways you can darken and lighten parts of your image without affecting the wrong tones or messing with your colors in the process.

“The traditional Dodge and Burn tools found in Photoshop require us to use destructive workflow,” writes McIntyre, “while over-saturating the colours in our image.” The techniques McIntyre shows you get around these issues, while offering you more precise control at the same time. Win win.

(via ISO 1200)