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A Look at Dodge & Burn’s New Camera History Serigraphs



Photographer t-shirt company Dodge & Burn is taking its silk screening prowess and applying it to a new product: posters. In addition to apparel, it is now selling serigraphs (i.e. screen printed posters) with its “evolution of the twin-lens reflex camera” design, which is also available as a shirt.

Founder Ted Rybakowski shipped us a free sample poster to take a look at. The product arrived in a long rectangular box:


Inside the box is the 20.5×28.5-inch poster, some packing peanuts, two 3-inch bulldog clips for hanging it up, and a certificate tucked inside the rolled-up poster:


Here’s what the certificate looks like when taken out of the envelope:


The poster itself is made of Coventry Rag Paper sourced from the United States. It’s a very versatile fine art paper that’s quite thick — it’s not the kind of thing that will tear unless you really try to rip it.


Printed onto the poster are fifteen classic twin-lens reflex cameras that have appeared throughout the history of photography.


On the bottom left hand corner of the print is a blind-stamped D&B seal:


On the back is a stamp with an inspection signature, the date of inspection, and the series number of the print. Apparently we were sent the second print that was created (the first one was used in the website’s product photos):



Dodge & Burn products are on the pricier end of things (shirts cost $29), but what you lose in dollars you gain in quality. These serigraphs feature top notch attention to detail and materials, so they have a price tag that reflects that. Each one costs $75 over in the D&B store.

If you have $75 to spend on photo-related art, this poster makes for a nice piece of home or office decor.