Rumor: The Next Evolution of Dual Pixel AF to Make Its Debut in the 7D Mark II


If you’ve been following the torrent of rumors surrounding the upcoming Canon 7D replacement, you know that one of the major pieces of info floating around is that the Mark II will sport ‘revolutionary’ sensor technology.

What that is, however, is still a mystery — for most of us, anyway.

According to rumor site Canon Watch, a tipster has informed them that the revolutionary new tech will be the next step in Dual Pixel technology’s evolution… something videographers in particular should get very excited about.


CW points out that, while the technology might have started closer to the entry level end with the 70D, it was quickly unlocked in the C100 and C300 cinema cameras Canon had already released.

The idea that the next evolution of the technology might come in the long-awaited flagship APS-C 7D Mark II doesn’t seem at all unlikely, especially when you consider that the camera was supposedly delayed because of Dual Pixel manufacturing issues.

None of this is confirmed, of course, and the source isn’t identified as ‘trusted’ or ‘known’ so it’s worth it to keep a skeptical outlook. For now, just stay tuned and we’ll be sure to keep you informed as we approach the rumored Photokina announcement.

(via CanonWatch)

  • Jesse

    Being able to adjust the speed of the AF would be pretty great.

  • Mike

    If I submit more such bogus rumors to PP, will they get published? I assure you, you will never classify me as ‘trusted’ or ‘known’.

  • Fullstop

    But will the lowlight capabilities still suck?

  • Jeff

    The 7D Mk II is actually supposed to have “triple pixel technology.” I have a friend of a friend, who’s friend’s uncle’s god father works for Canon Japan who is developing this amazing technology.


    just stop with the video crap, yes let the camera have video recording BUT FOCUS ON WHAT THE CAMERA IS MADE FOR in the first place.

  • Anal Fungis Acid

    what is triple pixel technology?

  • roxics

    Video? Lol
    Honestly photography is already well established. It’s video tech that Canon is behind on. They need to play catch up to Panasonic and Sony on the sub $3000 end. So yeah they really should be focusing on video with this camera.

  • Kyle Clements

    It’s just like dual pixel technology, but it’s one more!

  • Brant Walker

    “it was quickly unlocked in the C100 and C300 cinema cameras Canon had already released.”

    Quickly unlocked? You had to send it away to Canon to get the entire sensor replaced.

  • Disqus is an NSA shill

    4K video?

  • Marie Calvert

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  • Zantetsuken

    I’ll be disappointed. Dual pixel (or the like) will benefit largely videographers and people who shoot in live view.

    A true evolution in still image quality has been lacking and much needed.

  • Mike

    I hared about the triple pixel thing and I classify you as ‘known’.

  • Mike

    But was it a quick process?

  • Brant Walker

    Ok sure… the whole process took about a week, but it’s not like you could just update the firmware.

  • Mike

    Got it. Yeah I guess “unlock” is not the right word here.


    no this camera IS NOT SOLD FOR VIDEO its for sports/wildlife mostly why on earth would someone by a dslr a APS-C for video? DSLR are for PHOTOGRAPHY video comes second or else the design would be completely different something like Canons c100

  • roxics

    APS-C is the size of 35mm motion picture film. A lot of people want a small motion picture camera that also doubles as a stills camera. Not some big video camera with a $5000 price tag


    yea and it will bring up the cost for no reason just for the few who use video features on a DSLR.

  • Christopher

    A) it’s not an either or situation.

    B) Video features are not going anywhere (but you don’t have to use it).

    C) the 7d was, in part, a huge success thanks to videographers buying them – it had superior frame rate options vs the 5d2 at a lower cost. Shallower depth of field isn’t desired by all videographers thus full frame isn’t always a great value proposition for some shooters.

  • Brant Walker

    “the few”? are you joking?


    are you a idiot? 7D is sold mostly for photography video comes second not many people buy 7D for video compared to all the people who buy it for photography.

    are you saying 5d didn’t sell well until the 5d2 came out with video? yes a few people bought the 5d2 just for video but vast majority bought it for photography.

  • Brant Walker

    Lol, you’re trolling me, right?

  • Realspear

    I worked in a Hollywood production studio and 7Ds were our workhorse video cameras. People who claim that DSLRs aren’t for video have no idea what is going on in the real world of video production.

  • Realspear

    You have no idea what is going on in the real world of video production.

  • Realspear

    It obviously is sold for video. But why does that matter? Use is what matters, not what it’s sold for.