A Day In the Awesome Life of Roadtripping Time-Lapse Photographer Joel Schat

Roadtrippers claims to be the first and only website dedicated specifically to road travels. “Discovering America’s best lodging & attractions”, the website has a YouTube channel dedicated to sharing footage of these locations and attractions, most of which are done so in a time-lapse fashion.

Who is it that captures these time-lapses though? And what type of work goes into them? Their latest video answers those questions and more.

Called “Shooting with Schat: A Day in the Life,” time-lapse photographer Joel Schat takes you on a journey through his daily routines when it comes to capturing time-lapses in some of the most beautiful scenery the US has to offer (specifically the Grand Canyon in this BTS). He writes,

I can hear my alarm going off, although I don’t want to acknowledge it as I was up shooting the Milkyway until around 2 am the night before and am still very tired, running off around 4 hours of sleep. hits snooze

5 minutes later the second alarm starts going off so I decided to pull the curtain back and check the weather to see if its worth waking up for. Each morning while still mainly asleep I hope that its cloudy but upon looking out the window and seeing the first bit of light starting to warm the sky I know it will be a gorgeous one so I immediately start to rush out of bed and get the camera gear together wondering to myself.. Why did I want it to be cloudy? Why did I sleep through my first alarm?

Once the fresh air hits my face I know i’m awake now and well.. you can watch the video and see what a day in my life is like!

Be warned: your job might not seem very appealing after seeing what Schat gets to do.

  • Wes Jones

    Living the sweet life. Nice.

  • Andy Austin

    As an adventure travel photographer I really feel I can relate to this lifestyle. Although mine isn’t timelapse as much as it is capturing every moment of every day for a week. Capturing everything from hiking to biking to rafting, etc… all over the world.

    Some day I’ll probably have to get a real job and settle down. But for right now I love this life.

  • Syoku

    What is that slider that he is using called?

  • Empreinte

    I like the sticker on his fridge : “My job is better than your vacation”

  • Stian Rekdal

    It’s the Stage Zero from Dynamic Perception

  • Jason Yuen

    Beautiful work. Call me childish, but damn, what an unfortunate last name.

  • Black Light Shoots

    LMAO XD someone had to i guess! ROFL XD

  • Black Light Shoots

    Love the dedication man. Awesome!

  • Michael Andrew Broughton

    shooting with shat or scat… either way you pronounce it is unfortunate. :P

  • Adam Cross

    could never shoot time-lapses for a living, you technically don’t actually do any shooting yourself and you spend the entire time waiting around for hours and hours and then spend more hours processing and exporting and, well, no thanks.