Live Stream: Watch Sony Announce the 4K Full-Frame 12MP A7s Live at NAB


Normally, when a camera announcement is about to drop, we wait for the official word and then summarize the good parts for you in a post. But since it’s Sunday evening and rumor has it this is a fairly video-specific announcement, we thought we’d do something a bit different.

In 30 minutes, Sony’s NAB presentation is set to go live, and instead of watching that ourselves and then telling you about the Sony A7s that will supposedly be announced, we thought we’d just let you watch it for yourself. And if you’re checking this late, don’t worry: the embed will have a link to the replay so you can watch the presentation, too.

Of course, nothing is official yet, but rumor sites like sonyalpharumors seem 100% certain that this presentation will be where Sony’s A7s debuts. So keep an eye on the embed below for the official presentation:

By all accounts this camera will be video-centric, so it’s not as far up our alley as usual. But there is one particular rumor that has photographers excited: this full-frame shooter is said to sport significantly fewer megapixels than is standard these days.

That’s right, if rumors are correct, Sony is telling the megapixel war to shove it and packing a 12MP sensor in the A7s so that it can provide phenomenal low-light performance. There is also talk of an updated FE lens roadmap.

Until the official word drops this all gets filed in the ‘speculation’ folder, but you don’t have long to wait. So either keep an eye on that countdown or, if it’s already aired, go check out the presentation for yourself.

(via EOSHD)

  • Woody ONeal

    That was one boring presentation.

  • Eport

    Seems like whole a7 series is a result of failing to include the high end features into one body. They couldn’t get the electronic shutter to work on the a7r so they made the a7. They couldn’t get 4k scaling to work on larger sensors so they made the a7s. I hope Sony gets it together for the a7 predecessor to pack all these features into one body.

  • JoeNoName

    hahahahahha, each camera is different aimed at TOTALLY different markets. The sensor size is the same, the resolution is different and you might wonder why D4 has fewer megapixels and still sell at a MUCH higher price than a D800 which has much higher resolution. Its the same here, You have D600, D800, D4, each has its niche

  • Eport

    I forgot why I don’t post on petapixel. Feedback is given with a side of all you can eat dick.

  • taoisms

    Or maybe you could admit that Sony has cameras that are aimed at different markets? I get what you’re saying, but there’s no way a slt could pack all of these features (of the A7 and A7R) and shoot good 4K on top of that.

  • Eport

    I’m aware of Sony’s market angles and agree with Joe’s assumptions about the series. I was directing frustration at his smugness. It’d be cool if they found a way to crop the buffer of the sensor down to the 4k resolution in the higher pixel density sensors (which was my originally definition of ‘size’ in the first post) that way there would be some future proofing of the more expensive cameras. It just seems silly that you have to buy a whole new body just to get a feature that should be a part of the a7r to begin with.

  • Renato Murakami

    That was a very veeery short drop about the A7s by the end of the presentation which was mostly about B2B very expensive stuff not consumer grade.
    But oh well, they confirmed it, without almost no specs to talk about.
    We’ll have to see how it goes after it comes out.
    Let’s just hope that along with nice low light capabilities, also comes a more silent shutter, faster (probably), among some other resources.
    Doesn’t seem it has OIS as some were hoping though.

  • Renato Murakami

    Oh, ISO 50-409600 was pretty impressive, though we’ll have to see up to what number the image will be useable. 120fps at HD is interesting too, though not all that “revolutionary”. Again, we’ll have to wait for reviews, but it looks like and interesting upgrade depending on how that low light thing goes…

  • Ken Elliott

    Not silly at all. Rather than try to create a one-camera-fits-all (which always has some group very unhappy), Sony has produced three camera, aimed at different users. I think they took the right approach. What they have done with the A7s seems like a very good approach, from a technical standpoint.

  • taoisms

    Yeah, in that light, I agree.

  • Riccardo

    Amazing sharpness and here I have found a first look video footage shooted with Sony a7S.

  • Oscar

    Sure you can do the usual line skipping as has been done for years leaving us frustrated with ugly moire. No offence, but I think you missed the point.
    This is what I have been waiting for for years. And I´ll keep the 5D3 for stills only when I get this one :)

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