Hasselblad Launches the Hasselblad HV, a Tougher Sony A99


Hasselblad today announced the next camera in its line of Sony re-makes: The Hasselblad HV. Unlike the Lunar and the Stellar before it, this one has neither an astronomical name nor a particular focus on rare materials, although the differences between the HV and the full-frame Sony A99 it’s based on are still minimal with the exception of price.

According to the press release, the new shooter is “a brand new ‘elite’ camera… pointed at amateur photo-enthusiasts who demand the ultimate in both style and performance.”

Differentiating it from the A99 is a machined high-grade aluminum chassis, a ‘tough as nails’ PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) coating that is said to be second only to diamond in hardness, and a few aesthetic changes that make this look like a Hasselblad instead of a Sony.

Here’s a quick look at the camera:




We would normally, at this point, list out the specs so that you know what you’re buying, but of course you can just look up our A99 announcement for that. You’ll just have to ignore the part where price is listed because, true to form, this puppy isn’t gonna come cheap.

Described by Hasselblad CEO Ian Rawcliffe as a “photo-icon” that is “aimed squarely at people who don’t just love taking pictures — but love taking them in real style,” the Hasselblad HV — complete with “high performance ‘super resin’ case,” two batteries and the Carl Zeiss 24-70mm f/2.8 lens — retails for 8,500 Euro or approximately $11,500 US.

For more details — including an overview of what’s in the box, a list of specs and a downloadable brochure — head over to the special Hasselblad HV website by clicking here.

  • Zos Xavius

    Citation needed.

  • genotypewriter

    38mm biogon-shmiogon… it’s the Leica syndrome in medium format. It may be the best lens ever-whatever in that format but if image quality matters then go up in format size a bit and all such great lenses are nothing. Try a 110mm SSXL ASPH on 4×5 or a 210 SSXL ASPH on 8×10 and you wouldn’t use a 38mm Biogon as a doorstop in case someone sees ;)

  • Haryadi Be

    that’s plenty money for a photohobby but not for a Doctor….lol

  • Jon

    I would like to hear from anyone who has bought one of the Sonyblad’s. I would be satisfied to hear from a dealer who has even heard of a single purchase. I’m simply too tired to make ANOTHER joke about these cameras. I would really like to hear from an actual user.

  • youyou

    …” fair -trade carbon fiber made by orphan baby silver-back gorillas “

  • Zen-Tao

    A Camera for enthusiastics who like to show off but don´t like to make pictures instead. Hasselblad was an unbetable analogic camera but now a days has ben surpassed by every top an medium camera brand. they shoul shrink their minds and amaze us with something that matches their former cameras.

  • Mike29

    God, I am so happy that Leica doesn’t do this! I know, I know, they have a weird Hermes special edition M sometimes, but mostly they do actual cameras. Even though they make substantial money from Japanese collectors who probably buy some Hasselblad-style crap too.

  • storm17

    Hassleblad (sic) didn’t even take the hassle to tweak the sensor to D800e killer levels. A 40 megapixel full frame 35mm sensor without AA filter, coupled with an exclusive set of Zeiss designed Hassleblad branded lenses: now that might justify the pricing. At least Leica did their own R&D and came out with a hybrid medium format system.

  • SteveDK

    That seems wrong because Zeiss is making Touit AF lenses in Fuji XF mount too. I suspect there are licensing issues that limit what AF lens mounts Zeiss can produce legally, but I doubt they have an an agreement with Sony to only make AF designs for Sony, or the Fuji mount Touit AF lenses would not exist.

  • SteveDK

    I have my grandfather’s 8X10” and a nice Schneider 240mm/5.6 Symmar S, which is nice but hardly convenient. I’m not wild about dragging a suitcase and heavy tripod around to just to take pictures. Worse, I’ve had trouble getting C41 8×10” film properly developed by labs, with many negatives ruined by uneven development streaks. I prefer using my Pentax 645nII or Leica M9 or Nikon D800E for most types of color photography that I do.

  • JoeNoName

    they do, the Touit is part of another line of lenses which do not include EF, Sony A Mount, Nikon F mount, but do incluide Fuji XF and Sony E Mount. Its another deal.

  • devtank

    I dont really understand what Hasselblad are doing with this line. They are not really upgrading the image quality or enhancing the output of the product at all, and they are increasing the price tag too, which is mind-blowing considering that everyone already knows that its a sony product.

  • BLFarnsworth

    Some people will buy exotic cars (like a Lamborghini Veneno) simply because they can. I get it.

    In this case, some people will buy the Hasselblad HV simply because they’re stupid.

  • Marius Budu

    I’m sure that had nothing to do with the fact that Hasselblad is a Looooooong-time sponsor of his work. Nothing at all ;)

  • Zos Xavius

    Oooh! Good point! I wasn’t aware of that actually. That’s actually somewhat relieving to hear. I was kind of disappointed to see that he had one.

  • Richard Ford

    Don’t onions make you cry?

  • keru

    Dear Hasselblad :
    You. Are. Not. Leica.

  • Thomas von Marksburg

    I seriously thinks that if we put a shaft thrusted to Victor’s axial axis in his grave, we will have more than enough electricity to supply the whole world including all its development and increase in consumption in the next 50 years.

  • da

    you mean fuji lenses? H never had their own lenses. Before it was Zeiss, now is Fujinon.

  • Devorah Kaye Goldstein

    Actually most people who are rich, stay that way by NOT buying nonsense like this, while the wannabe’s who are trying to impress their friends (via credit card debt, mortgages & car payments) go in for this sort of thing.