Helmet Cam Captures Skydiver’s Terrifying Unconscious Free Fall and the Heroism of the Friends that Saved Him

If there’s a secret contest going on for most terrifying action camera video, then 25-year-old skydiver James Lee recently gave the skydivers in the mid-air plane crash a run for their money. In a terrifying video captured on the veteran skydiver’s helmet cam, you see him get knocked unconscious just seconds after jumping, and then get rescued by his fellow skydivers.

The video is both horrifying and inspirational. Watching the unconscious skydiver plummet uncontrollably towards the ground, arms flailing on the edges of the helmet cam’s vision, is an unsettling sight. But then you see his friends rush to his aid, stabilize his body, and deploy his main chute all while falling at approximately 115mph.

Speaking with The Telegraph, the veteran of over 1000 jumps said this experience won’t keep him Earthbound. “It hasn’t put me off at all, I have not jumped too much lately because of the weather but will be back in the sport this season.”

(via Laughing Squid)

  • Ryan

    This is old news. Not sure why everyone is all of a sudden posting it.

  • SeoulFood

    What! Not using a full frame to capture this moment!?!?! C’mon!

  • Richard Ford

    We always carry a barometric auto release safety device……for reasons like this. Hit 2K above sea level and it fires.

  • Will

    It still happened and is still amazing. I’ve never seen it.

  • Grant

    The Guy in the Black & red Jump suit is a doctor & Very good & highly experienced jumper. can’t think of anyone better to have jumping with you in this situation!

  • David

    really nice video indeed!
    But why heroism? i really don’t see any heroic part here, i see attention, safety mesures and procedures, and common sense apply by higlh-level or possibly pro sky-diver, anyway responsible persons.

    Those two man save a life for sure, but nothing heroic in my point of view, they take care of people arround, what should be normal behavior for everyone and not consider as an heroic action.
    Even the situation is extreme, their action are normal.

  • Erick

    That is becase heroism is relative. I’ve already gone through this discussion arriving at nothing.

  • Four Letter Nerd


    The only way I’d see this as heroic is if the two men saving the unconscious skydiver were still trying to get his chute deployed after passing their personal minimum deploy altitude.

  • Dover

    I’ve never seen it. I’m glad it was posted. Can’t imagine why you took the time to actually type in the words to complain about it. If you have already seen it….don’t click on the article. And certainly don’t post something that makes you look foolish for clicking on an article about something you are already familiar with.

  • Ryan

    The amount immaturity of hypocrisy stuffed into your reply is hilarious. Not only is this news really old, but it has nothing to do with the genre of this blog. “…PetaPixel is a leading blog covering the wonderful world of photography”. My advice to you Cleetus is get out more.

  • Ryan

    What are you talking about… “personal minimum deploy altitude?” No one passed their deployment altitude. He was unconscious on a tracking dive when he got hit from behind, his friends saw it and checked for consciousness, told the others to track off, docked on him for stability, and deployed his canopy so he could survive. Not only is that heroism, but that is far from their minimum deployment altitude which is at 3,500ft.

  • Ryan

    Their action is not normal in skydiving, and neither is your brain activity. This is a clear act of heroism. If you don’t consider saving an individuals life anything short of heroic then you should probably back off the drugs dude.

  • Four Letter Nerd

    Read it again, this time paying attention to how “if” joins the two clauses

  • Four Letter Nerd

    The two men’s actions did not significantly increase danger to themselves. Saving a life is not always heroic, but heroic always involves voluntarily putting oneself at substantial risk of injury or death.You should probably expand your vocabulary, dude.

  • edric

    just budding in: according to such,superman is not a superhero because he probably didnot put himself in harmful risk while saving others. (except the time the villian had him with cryptonite). Hehes… anyway, just food for thought.

    i think Heroism is not putting oneself in substantial harm but willing to sacrifice / having to go out and do good while other watched on…

  • Four Letter Nerd
  • David

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  • Ryan

    LOL keep trolling, and at least try to educate yourself while you’re at it.

  • Ryan

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  • Guest

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