DIY: Take Wireless Control of Your Canon DSLR Using a $30 Router and Android

The CamRanger has been a big hit with photographers, and if you have $300 to spend on a wireless controller for your DSLR then it is a phenomenal option. But if you don’t want to spend that kind of money, own an Android device and don’t mind hacking a bit of router firmware, you can actually get similar results using this DIY rig for less than $40 bucks!

The hack comes to us from the good people at DSLR Film Noob, and it’s an ingenious way to create a wireless controller for your Canon (and, potentially, Nikon) DSLR for only the $38 it’ll cost you to buy the necessary wireless router and Android app.

All you’ll need to attempt this yourself is a TP-Link TL-MR3040 wireless router, a USB to microUSB cable, a WiFi-equipped Android device and the confidence to hack the router’s firmware.


You can find detailed steps on how to make this happen by visiting the full DSLR Film Noob tutorial, but the technologically un-inclined need not be scared off by the word ‘hack’ — it seems fairly simple. Once properly hacked, all you have to do is connect the router to your camera, turn on the DSLR Controller app on your Android device, and you’re good to go.

Check out the video at the top to see a quick demonstration of how this works and/or head over to the full tutorial if you’d like to give it a go yourself.

(via ISO 1200)

P.S. Nikon users can do something similar using the same router, the DSLRDashboard app and a different firmware version. You can find those slightly more complicated instructions here.

  • David Liang

    One of the many times I’m jealous of Canon users…so many DIY or 3rd party options like Magic Lantern. If the app supported Sony I’d definitely be giving this a go.

  • Peng Tuck Kwok

    I think there’s simply more effort and man power put into Canon 3rd party efforts, but if it is any consolation, I’ve noticed that Sony has been pretty forward in how to take advantage of their camera (kernel source, documentation). Just not sure why peeps aren’t picking up on it.

  • Stephen Weir

    The funny thing is that it’s the same device as the camranger…

  • Mike

    You’re already getting awesome cameras from Sony, which many Canon owners envy. Don’t you dare complain. The 3rd party solutions are because Canon cameras LACK INNOVATION.

  • Woody ONeal

    This is pretty awesome.

    (once again, another innovation that Canon failed to integrate with the 6D’s wifi‚Ķ.just sayin’)

  • Jonathan Maniago

    Regardless company’s innovations or imposed limits, any system with a sufficiently large user base will eventually receive the attention of 3rd party developers.

  • Kevin Luc

    I think you meant to say “mini USB”

  • Glenn Brogan

    I bought this router specifically to use with the DSLR Controller app
    and my 2 Canon cameras (7D and 60D). I found this through a Photographer
    blog regarding controlling a camera using wireless technology. Here is a
    link to the complete article: […] The product shipped fast and was
    packaged really well. Following the instructions on the link, I found
    the firmware version to be V2.2 and downloaded the appropriate update to
    make this work with the app. The install was very easy and I attached
    the router to a camera and following the instructions I had my Galaxy
    Tab 3 connected perfectly! Then I tried to connect my Galaxy S3 phone. I
    was able to see the dslrcontroller in the wifi discovery mode, but
    every time I would try to connect, it would say “no internet access” and
    disconnect immediately. If anyone knows how to fix this or get around
    it, please help me! :) This is NOT a problem with the router, but seems
    to be a problem with my phone. Just to specify, my Galaxy Tab 3 is
    connected on the Sprint network and so is my phone. The tablet works,
    the phone does not. Please help! :)