First Ever Five-Axis Stabilizer Promises to Deliver Rock-Steady Video


Certain indie filmmakers may be all in love with shaky-cam production values, but for the rest of us, nausea still isn’t terribly valued as a special effect. So huzzah to the ShadowCam S-5, an upcoming stabilizer for DSLRs and pro series cinema cameras (Red Epic, Canon C models, etc.) that promises to dampen motion like no other stabilizer.

The upcoming gadget, in production by a British specialist ShadowCam, is touted as the first camera stabilizer to work on five axes of motion — or rather, three axes and two planes. In addition to smoothing out movement like every other brushless motor 3-axis stabilization rig, two additional systems are in place to dampen movement in the horizontal and vertical planes.



Accomplishing all this are brushless motors, AlexMos hardware and software and shock absorbers that can smooth out up to 7 inches of vertical or horizontal travel. The S-5 also accepts standard shoulder supports, packs down flat for easy transport and requires no tools for adjustments.

ShadowCam expects to start shipping the S-5 in the U.K. this February and worldwide in March, priced at £3,995 (about $6,620 U.S.) Not bad when you compare it to the MoVi M10, which will run you 15 grand.

To find out more about the rig, head over to ShadowCam’s website by clicking here.

(via ISO 1200)

  • matt jones

    be sure to announce when it’s a real product, looks interesting, but not cheap.


    It might be cheaper than the Movi but it’s only a 3D render at this point. If they’re shipping it in february, where’s the product ? Can’t they even show an early prototype ? This one is real:

  • SwedishKiwi

    Seems a bit… shadowy to me.

    Only a 3D rendered image can be found. At this point, they should at least have a working prototype to show.

    Another thing: They claim to be at the BV Expo in London in February. They even say at which stand (A40). But when you look at the list over exhibitors, their company is not found.

    I hope it’s legit, because I’m interested in the product, but I won’t be sending them any money any time soon.

  • Tony L.

    I see a slight design problem in this product. The ‘seat’ for the camera doesn’t allow the camera to sit far back enough to stabilize the weight of a heavier lens. The motor will have to compensate for balance, which means you’ll burn out the motor faster. Also, I don’t see where the 5 axis come in to play. Right now there are only 3-axis gimbal controllers available… to call it a true 5 axis you would need 5 motors and more planes (X, Y, Z, ?, ?). It’s a nice concept but I don’t see how they can get this to work.

  • Mike

    Nice, but I still prefer mounting my rig on a brigade of chickens.

  • Rabi Abonour

    Yeah, I don’t see how they could possibly ship next month if they don’t have anything to show beyond renderings yet.