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Video Demonstrates the Stabilization Magic of a Brushless Gimbal Rig

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If you’ve never seen a 3-axis brushless motor gimbal in action, this video might seem out of this world… or fake. But it’s not fake, just the magic of advanced camera stabilization technology that’ll cost you several thousand dollars to wield for yourself (unless, of course, you have the engineering know-how to build one yourself).

There is literally zero detail about this video in the description, so we’re reaching out to you to see if you can fill in the gaps or correct us if we’re wrong. Obviously the guy in the mirror is using an EOS-M and a brushless gimbal stabilizing rig to demonstrate just how well it performs, beyond that, let’s do some speculating.

Some commenters on both YouTube and Reddit (where the video has exploded) seem to believe it’s one of the amazing MoVi rigs from Freefly Systems — find out more about those here — and it indeed looks an awful lot like the MoVi MR configuration of the M10 (although the M10 handles are still on there).

Here’s a behind the scenes look at what the M10 can do… if you haven’t seen it before you should prepare to have your mind blown:

We don’t fancy ourselves engineers, so if you want to dive into an in-depth technical explanation on what exactly a brushless motor gimbal is and how it works, feel free to have at it in the comments.

Otherwise just watch the video, gently return your jaw to its upright and locked position afterwards, and start doing some black market organ sales math — the M10 costs a whopping $15K.

At that price, it’s no wonder this guy decided to show off what his rig could do when he got it home… we imagine we’d do much the same thing.

1 Comment