This SD Card Has a Built-In Gyro Sensor to Stabilize Your Shots

virtualGimbal is one of the most interesting little devices we've ever come across. An SD card with a gyro built right in, the device does double duty by capturing your footage while it also captures the movement of your camera for better electronic stabilization in post.

solidLUUV: The World’s First All-In-One Stabilizer For Smaller Cameras

One of the modern day cruces of video filming is smooth stabilization. While many of us carry around smartphones with exceptional video capabilities, everyday moments seems to remain plagued by shaky footage. Now, a new German-based company has hit Kickstarter with the solidLUUV: the world’s first all-in-one stabilizer for smartphones, action cams, and compact cameras.

First Ever Five-Axis Stabilizer Promises to Deliver Rock-Steady Video

Certain indie filmmakers may be all in love with shaky-cam production values, but for the rest of us, nausea still isn't terribly valued as a special effect. So huzzah to the ShadowCam S-5, an upcoming stabilizer for DSLRs and pro series cinema cameras (Red Epic, Canon C models, etc.) that promises to dampen motion like no other stabilizer.