Guy Drops a $2,300 Lens Or: How NOT to Screw a Lens On & Off ‘Just Like the Pros’

Usually we try to stay away from traumatizing you at the very beginning of the week, but this week, we’ll make an exception. The video above started out as a tutorial on how to quickly attach and detach a lens “just like a pro”; it turned into a cringeworthy photographer fail.

There’s not much to describe here, you have all of the ingredients for a terrible mishap: $2,300 Canon 24-70 f/2.8L lens? Check! Overconfident photographer? Check! Attempting this demonstration over concrete? You betcha! You can probably fill in the rest from here yourself. Mix those three together and you get the stomach-churning sound of a $2.3K piece of equipment bouncing on the ground.

Fair warning: he does drop a well-placed (and much-needed) curse word in addition to the lens. Also, we apologize in advance it this video makes you cry a little…

(via Reddit)

P.S. A few YouTube commenters are calling B.S. and saying the video is faked — just an attempt to get hits. What do you think?

  • Praverb

    Ohh snap haha he dropped it

  • jchrtra

    idiot if its real. what is the need for the one hand maneuver when is other hand is free. I have been a professional for over 30 years and never felt the need to speed change my lenses maybe he needs to be better prepared for what he is shooting like having 2 bodies

  • Andrew

    ditto. took one to a coffee shop and set it on a table and then walked away to order, leaving it there to be picked.. :D friends said I got some funny looks.

  • arkhunter

    The sound it made was plastic sounding. Not a solid thump like an L lens would make. :D

  • Ronnie

    are the lens broke, sorry

  • James

    It looks legit to me. Its clearly a lens, not a cup that gets dropped, and the way he lost his grip on the lens is totally believable (it got hung up on the camera body as he was lifting it away). The only way its a fake was if it is another lens, not the L or if it was a bricked lens that he didn’t care about dropping.

  • jkantor267

    A ludicrously overpriced lens that no one needs – but then again that’s the cornerstone of Canon’s business.

  • Robert Mark


  • Agiyo

    Likewise, most recent was 80-200 AF-S on D800e and the neckstrap detached itself spontaneously in a parking lot. By sheer luck, I had my hand around the camera when it came free. Now I glue those slick nylon buckles.

  • Woody ONeal

    I always hold my junk with BOTH hands. :)

  • Truelight

    Bogus. Besides, why does a “real pro” need to take lenses on and off “real fast” and one-handed at a risk to expensive equipment? Real pros know how to be careful. If this guy seriously did drop the lens it serves him right for being a hot dog.

  • eyeguy99

    Professional at work on a closed track…do not attempt this at home!

  • Donald Wright

    Why I think it’s fake…some of these have been mentioned before…

    1. He is going into way to much detail about how expensive this lens is and why it’s so important to act like a pro… He’s just trying to build up the video (or he’s just a complete tool).

    2. The whole “We need to go outside because the light is better…” part… If you just want to show how fast you are at changing lenses, what was wrong with the light in your house. Or shoot the whole thing outside I think the intro was shot AFTER he dropped the lens outside…when he realized he needed to build up the story more. And add the crap about the red ring…

    3. And when he finally “drops” the lens… IMHO the motion of the lens was from him flicking his wrist so it would fly out in dramatic fashion… The motion you would use to take the lens off is a twisting motion and not create the tumble outward motion unless you were doing this on purpose.

    My conclusion: this clown dropped his lens at some point and thought if he made a video like this it would go viral (which it unfortunately has) and some store will want to bank off the publicity and send him a free lens to replace it…

  • Adz

    I’ve never seen a professional photographer, including myself change a lens like that. A $2300 lens isn’t something you treat with such disregard…what a moron!

  • Guest

    Real. It’s his new lens…and he’s a Dumas! Hope he has insurance…like a pro!

  • Chris Pickrell

    The coffee mug is actually a 24-135.

  • Jampy Joe

    yeah, up until you actually mount it to a camera.

  • Fed Up with weirdos like you

    dude….next time….don’t do this….NOONE does this…nooneeeeeee

  • joe joe

    Obviously this guy is not a pro. Why would you need to spin off that lens so fast? My stuff is twice as expensive and I always use great caution when removing lenses. Also if you want optimal quality, that lense is not it.

  • Jake

    Is he related to CHAIRMANMAO?

  • Frodo

    I think he’s simply demonstrating how fast and fluid you can potentially do it.

  • Frodo

    It’s fake, just watch part 2 on his channel.

  • Tim Martin

    Why do that BS? The entire video makes no sense at all, who would try to remove a camera lens as fast as possible and make a video about it. This was a set up, totally staged and intentional.

  • Jamie Graham

    It was fake. There is a part 2

  • Mikn Joy

    I would say it was bound to happen. He obviously has more dollars than cents!…er…sense!

  • jbody

    I think it’s real. Watch the leaves blowing in the background, the video is continuous meaning this lens actually mounts, it’s not a mug. Plus the sound it makes hitting the concrete is what you’d expect from a lens that heavy and I think the mistake and the reaction look organic. He probably tried his hand at making tutorials, decided it wasn’t a good idea, but posted the phail video.

  • jbody

    Nm…he admits to it being fake >.<