Brothers Surprise Mom by Recreating Her Favorite Photos 20 Years Later


Romanian bothers Toma and Paul Alexandru were trying to think of a creative surprise for their mother Simona’s 55th birthday when it dawned on them that she might enjoy seeing her favorite photos of the pair… shall we say… updated.

So, 20 years later, they set out to all the old holiday locations to re-shoot all of their mom’s favorite photos again, leading to a surprise that was equal parts funny and touching.

The whole project took four weekends worth of free time this fall and two willing friends to make happen. Although some of the photos were taken in Bucharest where they live (luckily in the same apartment they did 20 years ago), they had to travel to get the shots at Sinaia, Peleş Castle and Buşteni.

One friend would hold an iPad with the old photo for reference while the other friend took the photo. Here’s what turned out:
















Toma is an art director at start-up Plumzi and stand up comedian, so it’s easy to see how the idea for a birthday gift that combined photography and humor came to him.

After they showed the series of shots to their mother the brothers decided to post it to Reddit, where it accrued some 2,200+ upvotes and over 150 comments… seems their mom wasn’t the only one that approved of this surprise.

(via Visual News)

Image credits: Photographs by Toma and Paul Alexandru and used with permission.

  • Syuaip

    cute idea. the execution is decent and concise also. love this!

  • Pete Ferling

    What mother wouldn’t love this? Excellent.

  • A Typical PetaPixel Comment

    An unoriginal idea poorly executed.

    The composition is terrible in all of these, and the use of the retro filter needs to die with the hipsters. The contrast in the black & white photos is horrible.

    How boring.

  • Jesse Scroggins

    For a split second I thought you were being serious, and almost jumped offsides… Touché.

  • Jon

    The parents were much better photographers. Also, boy does film really look a great deal better than whatever digicam they used to recreate these shots. Fun I guess and unoriginal.

  • Toby

    Bet you’re fun.

  • greenarcher02

    I see there are still insensitive pricks out here. I guess “good photographer” (questionable) comes with “insensitive”

  • Kaybee

    Love it! Funny!

  • ihateatypicalpetapixelcomment

    you’re an idiot. You must hate your life to trash on something someone did for a loved one. In the wise words of South Park…..Kill yourself

  • Mantis

    Woooooosh! That one went right over your head.

    You must be new to this site. Stick around a day or two, and you’ll see that this comment section is full of pretentious artists & experts who contribute nothing to this discussion but only crap on the photographer and his work.

  • Mantis

    And this is why this site sucks sometimes.

  • Mantis

    For more info, see the comment from “Jon” below.

  • tron_

    i bet their mom loved it, that’s all that matters imo

  • rod

    this is cute…i’m sure their mom loved this…

  • ant

    this is a ripoff of Irina Werning’s Back to future Series

  • Mantis

    Who cares.