Couple Unknowingly Hires Same Photographer For Surprise Proposal

A couple ended up unexpectedly proposing to each other at the exact same time — after they both hired the same photographer to capture the suprise moment.

A couple ended up unexpectedly proposing to each other at the exact same time — after they both hired the same photographer to capture the surprise moment.

In a viral TikTok video, photographer McKailie Conger revealed how she captured the moment Autumn Velin and Rebecca Dolge both unwittingly dropped to one knee to propose to each other on holiday in Denver, Colorado in April.

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Autumn, 23, and Rebecca, 21, had been dating for two years when they both individually realized that they wanted to propose to each other

Autumn was the first person to contact McKailie. She booked the photographer to shoot the moment she would propose to Rebecca in Denver.

Autumn later told Rebecca that she had booked McKailie for a photo shoot to capture some “cute pictures” of the pair together — without revealing that she was going to propose during the session.

An Unexpected Text Message

However, shortly afterward, McKailie received a text message from an unknown number. The text message turned out to be from Autumn’s partner Rebecca.

Rebecca secretly reached out to McKailie and told the photographer that she was secretly planning on proposing during the shoot — not knowing that Autumn was planning to do the same.

“I received the booking from Autumn and phoned her, she told me about the situation with her proposing, so I got started the planning process,” McKailie tells NewsFlare.

“I then received a second message saying ‘nice to meet you, I’m going to propose on the shoot day.'”

“I was really confused at first, then it came to me, they are both proposing, and they don’t know it.”

A Secret For Three Months

The photographer had to keep the surprise proposals a secret from the couple for three months.

McKailie even had separate conversations with Autumn and Rebecca about the day’s plans as they individually planned their surprise proposals to one another.

On April 14, McKailie met Autumn and Rebecca at Horsetooth Reservoir and took some romantic photos of the couple. The photographer then guided the couple to the spot that she had selected for their surprise proposals.

“I told them to stand about three meters apart from each other and after a countdown, they would turn around,” McKailie tells NewsFlare.

“The plan was to get them to turn around and they would both bring out their rings.”

The photographer then shot the incredible moment that the pair both dropped to their knees in unison and joyfully got engaged. McKailie described the photo shoot as her “dream job.”

“The build-up to the moment and then seeing it happen, to share that moment, I wish I could do it over and over – just amazing to witness,” the photographer says.

More of McKailie’s work can be seen on Instagram, TikTok, and website.

Image credits: Header photo licensed via Depositphotos.