Joe McNally, Lynn Goldsmith and Bob Krist on Shooting with the Nikon Df

First comes hype, then comes the announcement, and last comes the post-release marketing. In regards to the Nikon Df, we’ve officially moved into the last of those three steps, and right on cue, Nikon has released three videos of big time photographers endorsing the Df by talking about their experiences shooting with it.

The three photogs in question are Joe McNally, Lynn Goldsmith and Bob Krist, and in the videos embedded here, each offer their unique view on the Nikon Df and what it feels like shooting with a modern DSLR that is trying its best to do justice to the F, F3 and FM/FE series Nikons of old.

All three photogs wax eloquent about their experiences in the old days of film, later tying those experiences into how they feel when holding/using the Df camera:

Of course, this is an ad at its core, and so at times it seems a bit contrived even as the photogs are speaking off-the-cuff. Still, it’s interesting to get three perspectives on the Df from people who were all Nikon F-Series users in the past.

Advertisement or not, they can speak with confidence on how well the Df truly combined the two worlds of film and high-end digital. And even if you’re not interested in what they have to say about the Df, there’s some inspirational tidbits there that make the videos a worthy watch nonetheless.

So check out the ads above to see what these big wigs have to say about the Df, and feel free to let us know what you think afterwards by dropping us a line in the comments.

(via ISO 1200)


    hey nikon pay me.. then i may say something positive about this POS too!!!!

  • FuelDoor

    You’re so cool.

  • Daniel

    actually, for me these were a bit a of warning sign that these guys weren’t more enthusiastic about this camera. the message i got was it’s a pretty good camera, not the greatest, the best part is the nostalgic look.

  • gochugogi

    If I hit Megabucks dis puppy is mine! Otherwise I’ll wait for closeout prices 2 years from now.

  • Zet

    Too cool for Nikon to afford. Only the internets are worthy of your expensive wisdom.

  • DrMookinstein

    I think the videos are great. But could they have spent an extra few bucks and used a better microphone so it didn’t sound like they’re giving the interview inside the lobby restroom?

  • iso1200magazine

    One question. Could be Df the first retro camera before a more cheap Dx model?

  • Pavel Rahman

    What I took from the first video: joe mcnally has an interesting story and I can definitely relate to what he said about photography. When it came to shooting with the Df, it might as well have been the D800.

  • ericgregory

    I’d consider buying one if the price was right. For the money though, it’s just not worth it.

  • csmif

    all of them are lying

  • Mike

    Even Nikon knows it needs a lot of marketing to sell this camera for the intended price…

  • Jeff Beardall

    Not shot on the DF ; )

  • Will Mederski

    yeah. these interviews all seem like cool photog stories w/ contrived plugs for the Df.
    “…i’m a photographer.
    “and, uh… yeah. i like the Df.
    “it like, works like a camera.”

  • timisthedevil

    Agreed. Even though I see Lavs on them, the sound is more likely from a boom that is placed way too far away in that echo-chamber of a studio.

  • Lee

    So Joe McNally got a poor man’s F2 – Nikkormat as his first Nikon. So…. I’m going to follow his foot step, will get a poor man’s Df instead …….a D610? : P

  • harumph

    It did make the shutter clicks in the McNally video sound like somebody hammering nails.

  • harumph

    They definitely shouldn’t have pulled out the Fe2 for comparison, because it made the DF look like a giant ugly monster. Also, every one of the DF photos looked flat and lifeless compared to their vintage film shots. Putting those up for contrast was a mistake.

  • Sketchy/Heebey

    Go ahead and put that on your wish list right next to the D400.

  • Azety

    Dat comment ! D400 = Half Life 3

  • Fernando

    They should have made a video with Steve McCurry

  • Sketchy/Heebey

    I don’t even know what that means.

  • Stan B.

    And they coulda shown him making some kid cry as he cursed out all the knobs,dials, switches and menus…
    Come to think of it- they shoulda gotten him and Lauren Greenfield.

  • Northbound

    Probably just that both are equally likely/unlikely to surface as real products.

  • Luis Socorro

    I still don’t get it, paying that much just because of nostalgia? I mean the camera is beautiful I had an F myself, but they are arriving a bit late at the “I wear my grandpa’s clothes” market.

  • Zoran

    How old are you? :)

  • Old Guy

    Should be popular with any shooter over 70 years old

  • Renato Murakami

    Ad came as all sorts of weird…. I mean, it’s always nice to hear the stories of such names, but the DF part came out very… well, contrived as said in the article.
    No one said something like “it’s a revolutionary experience”, or “this is what I was expecting from the whole retro hype of late” or anything that really serves as recommendation for photographers out there.
    It’s more like it kinda reminds them of a time they used a Nikon F series.
    Advantages noted are not specific to the camera itself, they are spoken in a broader sense of digital photography.
    Perhaps they are purposedly limiting the market.. high price, very specific use cases and public.
    And then, the whole thing sounds like a defeat when you put so much reliance on nostalgia… all the glamour, heroic feats, and artistics pursuits of the past kinda lost into a new photography culture that’s not only saturated with equipment, but also loosing broad recognition.
    The worst part that comes off it is that if we were to make equivalences on what a camera represents both from photographer and the judgement of other people, a D4 seems to hit closer to what an F2 was in the past, even though they look different. In the sense that it looks like a pro camera, it separate amateurs from professionals, and has resources and a range that lesser cameras won’t give you.
    Perhaps Nikon should’ve bet their chips more on simplicity and minimalism… but I guess it’s hard to hit the target with so many other brands going that way.
    I mean, imagine an almost exact clone of F2, even without an LCD panel on it’s back (unthinkable!), less buttons and essencial nobs only, no digital displays and the least ammount of tech possible, to reproduce the experience of film cameras but with a digital system for storage, at the right price point.
    Risky-er, perhaps doomed to fail, but at least looking more like a full dive into reclaiming the photography experience of the past.
    Now that would be something to create hype and talk about.

  • Carl Meyer

    Nikon could have pushed for a really clean backside using Wi-Fi to stream the images to a portable device if needed or just used the existing low tech alternative: putting a cover that seals the backside like if the screen and buttons where film.

  • Sterling

    ^^ Two best comments I’ve read all week.

  • ursalacyc490

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  • Guest

    I’m not a Nikon shooter, and I’m not over 70 (I’m 49 with another 20 years left in me). But I think my comment can relate. While I’m fond of my first tools that were film camera’s, (an FTBn and T50, 70 and T90). When I got my hands on a the first digital 1Ds mark I, and realized that I could drop film and manual everything and purely focus on the shooting itself? That was a moment. It was the best $7000 I spent ever, and worth every penny. In other words, I believe the films shooters agree as the merits of digital from a working perspective (as described by Lynn in not having to carry all those extra bodies thanks to digital).

    Should Canon respond to this with a refitted F-1? I wouldn’t buy it. I’m hoping they respond to Sony A7r, instead. The current DSLR design is a horse long due for the pasture. Again, decades later, I’m still looking for an edge that also competes on price. Sony’s offering means keeping full frame, and my lenses, while losing mirror slap for less money that I what I’d expect to pay for my current level of tool.

    My point is, the next time I want something “pure” and to reminisce, I’ll just grab one of my film bodies and go for a walk, and I’m sure that’s what the other photo’s in those promo videos do as well.

  • MikeT

    If it was $1000 less it would make a great backup camera but as a primary camera I am not sold on the idea. I do like that the dials are in plain view though.

  • R O

    Agreed. How can they not get this thing to match the size of an FE2? It doesn’t even have to deal with a film canister and all the mechanics involved with winding film through the body.

  • R O

    Fuji seems to already sell this experience for $1,700 less and many ounces fewer. Sure, it’s EVF and not FF. But with ISO 6400 looking clean on APS-C sensors, FF and its associated cost and weight is of limited value to me. For sports shooters, for whom the best PDAF possible is required and need the DSLR form, I don’t see them giving up their current DSLRs for this.

  • Eugene Chok

    agreed tho i think they discussed photography more then the camera and that goes with the ‘pure photography’ marketing maybe? I’m a canon shooter we have no such iconic camera as the FM’s :( my 1v looks pretty much the same as my 5d :(

  • NoThanks

    The price point is a joke. This camera should be a minimum of $1000 less.

  • flightofbooks

    it’s in the same price range as all of Nikon’s other FX cameras. not sure what you’re point is exactly.

  • flightofbooks

    They should have gotten Terry Richardson to shoot some lewdly posed doe-eyed 19 year old with too much strobe in front of a blank white wall. that’ll move some cameras!

  • Guest

    you realize it’s in the same price range as every other Nikon full-frame camera, right? Exactly how is it charging extra for “nostalgia”?

  • Guest

    how would someone saying anything remotely like “it’s a revolutionary experience” be anything other than contrived? It seems like you’re actually bothered by the lack of a normal ad pitch.

  • csmif

    I would bet you 10k that McNally would never ever use the Df on a job. His review was so lukewarm, but he did his best to hide his lack of enthusiasm about this model.